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Foldings is a sculptural leather jewelry collection.

The collection uses soft, carefully folded, leather in a way that makes the material behave like a rigid body. 

The pieces in this collection are based on mathematical objects: solid, closed, developable surfaces: meaning no deformation while folding. One is based on the sphericon construction and the other is an ovoid.


While the look of pieces in Foldings has to preserve the eeriness of the mathematical objects that inspired them, they are designed to be comfortable and versatile. For comfort, they are lightweight, especially light for their volume. Style-wise, the geometric design is well suited for a variety of garments, while remaining the centerpiece. Matches equally well with patterns as with plain styles. The brass parts are detachable for easy cleaning but you can wear them separately if you’re feeling casual. All the earrings have silver posts.


The first step of the making process is the patternmaking.  

After sketches and paper prototypes a pattern is constructed on the computer from which the leather is cut by hand. Only leather leftovers or dead-end stocks are used to create the jewelry.

Afterwards a series of edge treatments are made for the bind to be clean, followed by the final layers of paint.

Each edge paint is mixed by me so it's as close as possible to the color of the leather.

I'm also making the metal bases by cutting, soldering and polishing the brass.

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