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Artefact Room. A rather mysterious place where there are strict aesthetic rules. The rules are many simple systems, each specifies, say, a geometric shape, an upper bound for a dimension or what type of things can be neighbours. They are like a gene pool: they interact and various artefacts emerge. It is inside the Artefact Room that the designs you see here grow. 

'As a visual artist, I focus on process more than stories, I think in terms of shape, depth, materiality, light. A form of abstraction that allow those that wear my pieces to enhance their own story. As jewelry items are always seen in the context of one’s personal style, each collection is like a conceptual sandbox: there is a set of coherent rules that one can play with. The rules are open-ended enough that by wearing a particular item, someone can highlight the desired part of her personal identity.' Ana Marchetanu

Photo credits: Ana Corlan
Portraits: Velisar Manea

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